we tell stories that matter.

Present Plus Film is a creative film and production studio based in Soho, London.

We tell stories that matter.

Realism lies at the core of what we do. From development to direction, our award-winning studio has become widely recognised for its non-fiction, cinematic approach to storytelling.

We are proud to deliver our in-house services across all stages of production. As filmmakers, we strike the perfect balance between art and journalism in producing content for leading brands and independent projects.

Collaboration with our clients is key.

We recognise the need for a brand to connect with their audience. So we strive to create socially-conscious films that personally connect with their viewers.

Present Plus is proud to count Sonos, Condé Nast, Mercedes-Benz, The New York Times and Adidas as long-standing clients. We are always looking to expand our ongoing partnerships because we believe film is the most effective tool to communicate a brand’s values.

Our desire to tell stories goes beyond commission.

Present Plus Stories is a collection of self-produced content, born and bread from our studio. We are passionate about what we do. So we make time to develop and realise original ideas.

Producing films independently enables us to work with complete creative freedom, going deeper into the worlds of the stories we think matter.