The Quest for Eternal Life

Together with The Future Laboratory and UBS Unlimited we looked 30 years ahead and recorded six people exploring their hopes and fears about a future of mainstream body and mind modification.


The Future Laboratory


The Future Laboratory set us a task to produce a moving image that explored the ethics of optimisation. We chose to take a contemporary approach to a futuristic statement. Blending the lines of fact and fiction, we conducted interviews with everyday people from a wide demographic who reflect the present; a cast with a particular sense of nostalgia and relentless, honest attitudes.


We aimed to illustrate the stream of consciousness from our interviewees by using analog VHS, rendered in a 4:5 aspect ratio which fits the size of a smartphone perfectly.

  • Deliverables

    Online Video Campaign + Social assets

  • Kit

    VHS + Digital


  • Pre-production

    Produced & Concept Development

  • Production

    Directed & Filmed

  • Post Production

    Story & Sound