Live Without Limits for Adidas Outdoor

Following on from their campaign, #LiveWithoutLimits, adidas outdoor set us a challenge to produce a series of videos based on the inner thoughts of five of their global athletes.

Sam Sutton's passion takes the lead #LiveWithoutLimits


The project revolved around our listening, post and audio skills and working together with the chosen athletes – Kevin Jorgeson, Sasha DiGiulain, Andrew Taylor, Sam Sutton and Nina Williams to capture magical and memorable moments. By focusing on creating authentic content for the brand we were able to expose the viewer to some of the world’s most adrenaline fuelled sports and what really goes on in the minds of their practitioners.

To complete the story we worked with composer Thomas Williams.

  • Deliverables / Episodes

    5 x online films

  • Kit



  • Pre Production

    Produced & Concept Development

  • Production

    Directed & Interviewed

  • Pre Production

    Story & Sound