Wonderful People

The problem a lot of us face today is identifying ourselves beyond our work. One Minute Wonder was an idea that we had to try to help ourselves and force us and the people we initially knew to tell their story in 60 seconds flat.

We wanted to create short films about the people we were fortunate enough to know and meet, wherein they would try to answer as elaborately as possible just one question “Who are you?”


One Minute Wonder - Erykah Badu


For many this was seriously tough, sometimes too tough, with the interviewee defaulting to talking about their work. Some One Minute Wonder’s we’ve created have never made it online, some shouldn’t have made it online.

Very often we have met the response from agents that the proposed interviewee would love to take part, but it would have to be filmed in a cafe, that they could only spare 15 minutes, that we can’t ask about their childhood and we would first have to share the edit before we released it. To all of the above we have politely declined.

Our role is like much of what we do, to simply facilitate, to paint a picture of the individual in their surroundings, often this can nearly be done without words.

We’ve now released 60 episodes, covering actors, architects, entrepreneurs, painters, sculptors, musicians and many, many more. 60 makes a minute so we figured it’s time to move on with a new project.

We are pleased to have the legendary Sir Peter Blake featuring in our last episode. It has been a wonderful ride.

One Minute Wonder - Sir Peter Blake

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