PUNK: A Feeling of No Future

‘Punk: A Feeling of No Future’ is a documentary directed by Present Plus in collaboration with Harris Elliott, and released by Nowness where subculture legends Don Letts, Judy Blame and Roger Burton look back at the movement’s inception.

PUNK: A Feeling of No Future


Stylist Judy Blame, filmmaker Don Letts and costume designer Roger Burton remember the explosive time in 70s London, when Kings Road was a frenetic hub of punk and reggae, and political dissatisfaction was brewing fast.

Beyond safety pins, leather and mohawks, they describe the essence of punk, ‘the attitude more than the outfit’, against Letts’ own archive footage.

Sorenious Bonk composed the track, a piece that evokes the atmosphere of the punk scene at the time.

  • Deliverables

    1 x Online film & 1 x social media asset

  • Kit

    DSLR and SUPER 8mm


  • Pre Production

    Directed and filmed

  • Post Production

    Story and Sound