Storytelling for The Inoue Brothers

The Inoue Brothers is an art and design studio that creates clothing and jewellery that has style and personality. We worked with the brothers, Satoru and Kiyoshi to tell some of the incredible stories behind their wares, producing three stunning shorts that go way beyond what you might expect from traditional fashion films.

The first follows them to the Andes on a quest to buy rare vicuna wool, the second travels with them to Japan to meet local artisans affected by the 2011 earthquake. The third travels with them to the land of the Alpacas.

The Gold of The Andes


The first film we made, ‘The Gold Of The Andes’, is about a journey to source one of the most luxurious materials in the world – the Vicunas’ wool. We followed The Inoue Brothers to participate in The Chaccu, the Incan ceremony of solidarity and also their way of harvesting the finest animal fibre known to man.

The second film is called ‘Made in Tohoku’. 

Made In Tohoku


This time we followed the brothers on a journey to discover the beautiful but crippled region of Tohoku, which experienced the devastation of the tsunami created by Japan’s most powerful earthquake since records began over 100 years ago. The Inoue Brothers collaborated with some of the affected local artisans and the result is their ‘Made in Tohoku’ collection.

The third film is called ‘In the Land of the Alpaca’.

In the Land of the Alpaca


We travelled with the Inoue Brothers again on their endeavour to produce the best knitwear and woolen accessories through their growing partnership with Pacomarca Alpaca Research Facility. This partnership not only produces the finest alpaca fibre in the world but focuses on new ideas and projects to create further income generating opportunity for the indigenous communities.

For both projects we worked together with composer Sorenious Bonk to create a fitting soundtrack.

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    3 x Documentary

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