Mudd Club Memories

When Nick Taylor met Jean-Michel Basquiat in No Wave-Era downtown New York

Immortalised in Taylor’s shots that are seen fleetingly in our short film ‘I Met Him at the Mudd Club’, the union proved a fateful rendezvous: the pair formed the band Gray—named after Basquiat’s favourite creative source material, Gray’s Anatomy—and played in the centre of New York’s fertile post-punk scene.

Taylor has kept Gray alive, and the short is soundtracked by their hauntingly evocative 2011 track ‘Eight Hour Religion’. The band is considered an almost documentarian reflection of no-wave era New York, when artists and musicians cross-pollinated: actor Vincent Gallo was also a member of the group.

Our Director Joppe Rog was lucky enough to visit the city, sitting down in the apartment that Taylor and Basquiat shared together and filming the same streets 35 years on.

“It became an abstract, 8mm black–and-white portrait that both reflects and captures the friendship Taylor and Basquiat shared... It gives us a glimpse into what Basquiat's life was like set against the backdrop of a grim but exciting New York City.”

— Joppe Rog


  • Director Joppe Rog
  • Editor Nowness Terence Teh
  • Talent Nicholas Taylor
  • Music Gray
  • Special Thanks Xander Ferreira
  • Special Thanks The Inoue Brothers
  • Production by Present Plus Film