Fear Itself

"The only thing to fear is fear itself." - Franklin Roosevelt

“Fear Itself is a short documentary following Simon; a husband, a father and a blind ultra marathon runner. ”

A Present Plus story

Simon Wheatcroft is an ultra marathon runner, he has competed in runs all around the world and has been legally blind since the age of seventeen.

The film provides a glimpse into the inner thoughts of an unusual life and is witness to beautiful moments of clarity and vulnerability. Born and bred in Doncaster, we learn Simon’s innermost fears and how he deals with them in his everyday extraordinary ordinary life, in isolation of who we perceive him to be.

We wanted to question what makes us so afraid and how does fear drive us? After meeting Simon, our aim was to work together with him to explore and discover the beauty of fear through a single video portrait.

“Fear is something we all experience.”


  • Director + DP Joppe Rog
  • Producer Jessica Valsler
  • Talent Simon Wheatcroft
  • First AC Cameron Axsel
  • Movi - Operator James Davis
  • Editor Anna Zavialova
  • Production Assistent Skyla van der Pols
  • Composer Sorenious Bonk
  • Production by Present Plus Film