Magnum Photos

Magnum Live Lab

An exploration into the photographer's minds and thoughts surrounding their finished work.

To celebrate Magnum Photos’ 70th anniversary, the agency invited Magnum photographers Olivia Arthur, Carl de Keyzer and Mark Power to work alongside each other in a two week residency inside the Magnum Print Room, responding to the local area of Clerkenwell, London.

The resulting work produced an exhibition, which stood inside the studio as a celebration of and an inquiry into the medium of photography and the creative process of making.

Olivia Arthur, Carl de Keyzer and Mark Power.

We had the privilege of following and interviewing each of the three photographers closely throughout their two weeks at Magnum. The finished result is an 8 minute documentary exploration into the photographer’s minds and thoughts surrounding their finished work.

We chose to approach the Magnum Live Lab short documentary with complete authenticity. Mostly we wanted to celebrate each of the photographer’s unique characters and craft by approaching and building a relationship with each of them independently throughout their two weeks in residence.


  • Director Joppe Rog
  • Creative Producer Jessica Valsler
  • Director of Photography Joseph Dunn
  • Production Assistant Amy Ashton
  • Editor Anna Zavialova
  • Production by Present Plus Film
  • Composer Sorenious Bonk
  • Commissioned by Anne Bourgeois-Vignon
  • Museum of London Curator Anna Sparham
  • ​Global ​Cultural Director, Magnum Sophie Wright
  • ​Cultural Commissions, Magnum Emily Graham
  • Live Lab Project Manager Anna Gormley
  • Production & Research Nicole Courtney
  • Production, Magnum Paul Hayward
  • Special thanks to Focus 24