The Future Laboratory — The Ethics of Optimisation

The Quest for Eternal Life: Right or Wrong?

A series of moving images that explore the ethics of optimisation.

In collaboration with our partners The Future Laboratory and UBS Unlimited we looked 30 years ahead and recorded six people exploring their hopes and fears about a future of mainstream body and mind modification.

We chose to take a contemporary approach to a futuristic statement. Blending the lines of fact and fiction, we conducted interviews with these everyday people from a wide demographic who reflect the present; a cast with a particular sense of nostalgia and relentless, honest attitudes.

Six people, one big question.

We aimed to illustrate the stream of consciousness from our interviewees by using analog VHS, rendered in a 4:5 aspect ratio which fits the size of a smartphone perfectly.

“What I consider to be a problem and a flaw, someone else might think is normal and natural and even desirable.”

— Alibe Parsons


  • Director & Editor Joppe Rog
  • Creative Producer Jessica Valsler
  • Production Assistant Amy Ashton
  • Director of Photography Joseph Dunn
  • Editor Anna Zavialova
  • Composer Thomas Williams
  • Commisioned by Lucinda Chua
  • Production by Present Plus Film
  • Talent Paul Ashton
  • Talent Li Chun Qing
  • Talent Harris Elliott
  • Talent Alibe Parsons
  • Talent Amanda & Violet