Class of 2018

“A visual exploration of European subcultures through a rich mix of visceral stories.”

Emerging new talent across Europe.

Featuring talent across fashion, food, music and film, Class of 2018 is a visual exploration of European subcultures and their labours of love, told through a rich mix of visceral stories.

By combining analogue and HD aesthetics, we captured intimate and textured portraits of our subjects in a way that reflects the depth of their craft as well as maintaining the authentic and iconic feel of the Vans brand. The diversity across the talent featured celebrates the legacy of European subcultures and the future of upcoming talent through an exciting snapshot of what to expect in 2018.


  • Director Joppe Rog
  • Director of Photography Jack Casey Reynolds
  • Executive Producer Claire Bartolomeo
  • Producer Rose Darkins
  • Line-producer Aimee Levick
  • Camera Assistant Irena Cernea
  • Editor Laura Cairney-Keize
  • Colourist Nedeem Al-Astrabadi
  • Sound-mix Guy Chase
  • Still Photographer Christopher Bethel